ABOUT The Wedge

Patients need doctors who work for them. The Wedge of Health Freedom®, our online network of cash-based practices and facilities, gives doctors and other health care professionals the freedom to make medical decisions in the best interests of the patient and no one else.

Cash-Based Practices

The path to freedom is cash. “He who holds the gold makes the rules.” The path to health freedom is direct payment to the doctor by the patient and direct payment to the patient by the health insurance company.

Real health insurance – a medical indemnity policy – pays the patient for “insurable events,” just like car insurance or homeowners’ insurance. Just as you don’t ask for permission to fix your home or your car, you shouldn’t have to ask an insurer for permission to save your life.

Cash-based arrangements, like those within The Wedge, include fee-for-service (prices listed per service) and direct primary care (monthly fees for ongoing access to care).

Wedge Principles

The Wedge is leading the way to affordable patient-centered, interference-free care. Cash-based practices make their own rules, but doctors in The Wedge follow eight “Wedge Principles”:

  • Transparent, Affordable Pricing
  • Freedom to Choose
  • True Patient Privacy
  • No Government Reporting
  • No Outside Interference
  • Cash-Based Pricing
  • Protected Patient-Doctor Relationship
  • All Patients Welcome

CCHF launched The Wedge of Health Freedom® to draw the public’s attention to these too often invisible practices. They’re not in anyone’s “network.” They’re independent. Our ultimate aim is to deconstruct the current third-party payer system into a cash-based system of three direct-pay relationships – a New Framework of Health Freedom where YOU are in charge:

In the current system, the payer at the top (government, employer, or health plan) is the only one who knows what’s going to happen. Patients and doctors wait to see if the service will be covered. In the future, medical indemnity policies (real insurance) will pay the patient directly, leading to transparency, affordability, and patient-centered care. The patient will use these insurance dollars to choose doctors and hospitals and pay directly for the care they wish to receive – exactly as happens with car and homeowners’ insurance and used to happen with medical care.


The Way Back to Freedom!

The Wedge is not health insurance. The Wedge is personalized care from an independent practitioner who cares for you and about you. Payment is by cash, check, or charge. Whether insured, uninsured, or in a government program, all cash-paying patients are welcome.

Cash-based practices and facilities — and restored access to affordable medical indemnity insurance that pays YOU — are the way back to freedom!

Join the Wedge today to escape one-size-fits-all treatment protocols, prior authorization restrictions, and the intrusion of government and corporate health plans — and find health freedom!

Twila Brase, RN, PHN

Founder, The Wedge of Health Freedom®
President and Co-founder, Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF)