Thank you for taking time to check out The Wedge!

The Wedge website is a ‘meeting place’ where doctors can make their third-party-free practices known to patients and patients can find affordable, patient-friendly, and confidential care.

The Wedge initiative began when we realized that the small slice of health freedom that exists today in third-party-free practices (including direct primary care (DPC)) and cash-for-care surgery centers and others  — we’ve now branded this “The Wedge of Health Freedom” — must be: 1) recognized as a space of freedom – a free-trade zone for health care, 2) made visible to the American public, 3) legally-protected and 4) greatly expanded for the sake of individualized patient care, medical excellence and ethics, and health freedom for all.


Joining The Wedge is a voluntary collaborative venture between third-party-free practices — who have no insurance or government contracts — and the non-profit CCHF. The Wedge has eight simple principles:

  • Transparent, Affordable Pricing
  • Freedom to Choose
  • True Patient Privacy
  • No Government Reporting
  • No Outside Interference
  • Cash-Based Pricing
  • Protected Patient-Doctor Relationship
  • All Patients Welcome

We invite third-party-free practices that follow these principles to request that their practice be added to our ‘Wedge Practice’ map. If you have not yet opted out of Medicare and all insurance contracts, here’s a short “how to do it guide.” NOTE: We reserve the right to limit the map to third-party-free practices, limit the map to certain groups of practitioners (see below) and remove a practice at any time without limitation or notification.

NOTE: Our map only includes practices of physicians and the list of practitioners in the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual (Ch. 15, Sec. 40.4) that engage solely in third-party-free private contracting. Unfortunately, as the Manual states, chiropractors, physical therapists in independent practice and occupational therapists in independent practice “may not opt out of Medicare and provide services under private contract,” which does not fit the parameters of  a Wedge practice. Send us a message if you’d like to change this law.

Joining The Wedge — and being added to our Practice map — is simple. Qualified practices are invited to complete and submit the request form below. 

NOTE: We moderate submissions. Your practice will not appear on the map for several days.