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Erin Greer, MD

At Divinity Wellness, our most prolific philosophy is that God designed an incredible body with the ability to heal itself when given the proper circumstances. All of our healing methods are completely holistic, using the innate healing ability already within the body, as well as amplifiers of that divine ability to heal quicker and more abundantly.

It’s our main priority to find the true cause of every symptom and neutralize it, rather than chasing relief with symptom-based care.  We are committed to treating the whole person using 5 main principles:

1. Movement – We strive to aid your body in movement from all aspects, not just physically. A body that is moving well functions at its best. Maximizing physical movement, as well as digestive movement, oxygen movement, blood flow movement and energetic movement are important in achieving the best health possible.

2. Nutrition – Diet and nutrition through God-provided foods is important and will be addressed.  We will also address supplementation, the timing of ingesting supplements, what foods to take them with and how to get the best quality out of them.

3. Neural Function – The nervous system is the communication pathway to every single action that takes place in the human body. Maximizing the function of the nerves is imperative to achieve true health.

4. Decreasing Stress – Stress is the most damaging ailment to the human body. Both physical, chemical and mental stress take a toll on every system in the body and create inflammation. We work with our patients to identify all stressors and create a treatment plan to mitigate them.

5. Decreasing Toxicity – Toxins are abundant in our bodies. Too much exposure can cause excess toxins to be stored in our fat cells. In time, this can lead to weight gain, sluggishness, inflammation and illness. Ridding our patients of toxic overload is one of the most important principles that we focus on to achieve total health.

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