Welcome to our practice! Lubbock Integrative Medical Associates is the solo practice of Dr. Stephen Dalton, DO. Our intention is to provide you and your family with comprehensive, alternative to traditional health care in a safe, relaxed and peaceful setting.

We have faced the big question that frustrates many primary care doctors: How do we address the needs of the people and the community we serve when conventional office visits do not allow the time or resources to address the full scope of the problem? In facing this challenge, I asked, ‘How can this be done differently?’… I knew that we needed to address the whole person, family, community, and system by teaching the skills that they needed to take better care of themselves. Our practice provides a well-rounded approach where traditional and integrative medicine unite. Our clinic strives to provide overall health & wellness with an emphasis on anti-aging. We are a family practice clinic that provides complete Pediatric, Men’s & Women’s Integrative Health Care. We are passionate about understanding your current health status and designing a health plan that treats the WHOLE person and not just a symptom.

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